Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Elections are over!

It is my belief that the results are brilliant for both the mix of talent and representation from all around country. Despite the break-up of the CF4B slate I hope we were able to push the idea of national representation so that it influenced the result of the elections in some way.


Michael Rock - LONDON

National Management Executive:

Christian May - SOUTH WEST
Adele Douglas -
Owen Meredith - WEST MIDLANDS
Steve Ricketts - SOUTH WEST
Anastasia Beaumont-Bott - SOUTH EAST / SCOTLAND
Patrick Sullivan - LONDON

Congratulations to the whole new exec. I hope that we see some good co-option to the exec, and maybe an aim to increase the number of voted positions in the long run.

And finally, the primary lesson to learn from this election - slates don't work. The CF4B group of candidates fell apart due to a number of factors and Forward Together only got two people elected.

Thats all folks!